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State of Mind

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

My current State of Mind right now is telling me to pack my bags and go on a vacation, I’m exhausted and I need to replenish my mind and body, a lot had happen in February both work and personal, I feel I need some time off.

I’m using this photo right now which was taken 6 years ago in Anawangin Zambales.

I’m planning to revisit the beautiful Island of Anawangin this Summer, I’l keep you posted once I have my itinerary.

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Travel: 2016 Hot Air Balloon Festival

A Week of everything that flies!

My first solo travel to Pampanga was to enjoy and experience The Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival. The festival runs from February 11-14 2016, I went there during the last day of the festival.

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In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

I’d like to quote Duke Kahanamoku an athlete and known for popularizing the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing.

“Just take your time – Wave comes. Let the other guys go, catch another one”   


SWTOR: Belsavis

Today I escape the real world to return to SWTOR: Star Wars The Old Republic, by now some of you had already watched the latest Star Wars film, Star Wars The Force Awaken if you haven’t then you are not alone, I have not seen the movie as well since it was release last December, I’m a bit sad about it but nonetheless I will find time to watch it after all the force is strong in me (Just kidding).

Anyway if my memory served me well, my first post about Star Wars The Old Republic was about my Sith Warrior Character since then I started a new Character and I’m very much happy that I’m near completion of my Class Mission, finally the days of the Dark Side will be over.

I’m currently playing as a Female Tw’ilek Jedi Knight Guardian currently level 49 and I’m doing a mission in the Planet Prison of Belsavis when I saw this fellow Jedi Knight on the floor near the speeder service, I’m not sure of what he was doing or if its part of his social skills, I just find it very interesting after all “Jedi’s are not that easy to kill” now someone said that line and I just cannot remember who, what I’m trying to say is that its not easy to bring down a Jedi – while I think that is understatement after all the Clone Troopers manage to kill almost (Master Yoda and Obi Wan survived) every Jedi in the movie but then again we were betrayed by the Clones.

Now I thought he need some help or something that is why we are all looking at him, after all that’s what we Jedi’s do, we help those that are in need – just kidding maybe it was just lagging at that time.

And its time to ride the speeder and resume my mission.