SWTOR: Vette mission “Memory Torn”


Vette will come at you and give you an update about her lost sister, for players trying to gain points to romance Vette this mission is very important.


As one of your companion, Vette mention mention about her missing sister and how she badly wants to find her.

Well guess what, she found a lead about her missing sister, and its time to show to Vette that you care. You will travel to Nar Shaddaa to continue with the lead.

For players who are trying to gain points to romance Vette this mission is crucial, while there are other options on how to save her sister, mind you if you missed and selected a wrong choice its the end of it.


Metting Vette’s sister – Tiva
She explains her current situation – time to show Vette that you care. Go on save her.
Vette will be happy that you save her sister.

While there are options which are very tempting to choose and to check what will be the outcome, however, I love Vette.

I don’t want to see her sad, besides no one should mess up with my one and only Twi’lek.

Author: Zel Ram

Ruzzel is a Filipino blogger living in Manila Philippines He believes that "Travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer" .

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