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The SHADOW OF REVAN continues to plague the galaxy…

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The TROOPER was able to gather some information from the genetics laboratory in MANAAN.

TROOPER join forces with THERON SHAN and the most unlikely allies of SITH LORD LANA BENIKO.

Together they are joined by SMUGGLER  JAKARRO and his PROTOCOL DROID in their quest to find out the plans of the REVANITES.

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They mission leads them to home planet of the RAKATA species.

The RAKATA once ruled the galaxy during their time they had a built a superweapon that nearly wipe the entire galaxy until they reach their downfall.

Now the RAKATA species still exist but their once super powered empire is nearly a thing of the past.

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With THERON SHAN plans, the TROOPER infiltrated the ancient temple and will face the REVANITES.

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LANA BENIKO warns the TROOPER of a possible danger ahead since the guardians of the temple seems to be still active.

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TROOPER along with JAKARRO meets the leaders of the SHADOW OF REVAN, the ones that orchestrated both attacks in KORIBAN and in TYTHON.

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But the threat is not over yet,

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With COLONEL DAROK  and DARTH ARKOUS defeated REVAN made a shocking revelation.

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REVAN reveals himself to the FORGE ALLIANCES

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Eliminating anyone that could possibly stop him, REVAN attack the FORGE ALLIANCES.

By Zel Ram

Ruzzel is a Filipino blogger living in Manila Philippines

He believes that "Travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer" .

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