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From the mission terminal in Republic Fleet Carrick Station you can activate the following Heroic Missions,

Note that these Heroic Missions can be repeated once per week.

For Balmorra here are the list of Heroic Missions:

  • [HEROIC 2+] Shifting Priorities
  • [HEROIC 2+] Target of Opportunity
  • [HEROIC 2+] The Mandalorian Terror
  • [HEROIC 2+] Industrial Sabotage
  • [HEROIC 2+] Acquired Taste
  • [HEROIC 2+] Hit ‘Em Where They Live
  • [HEROIC 2+] Justice for the Lost
  • [HEROIC 2+] Local Predators
  • [HEROIC 2+] Colicoid Massacre

balmorra list of heroic missions

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[HEROIC 2+] Shifting Priorities 

Feero, a Republic scout, has asked for your help reaching probe droids trapped at the contaminated ruins of Traken-4, an Imperial outpost. The droids have collected valuable intel, but an Imperial HazMat squad has invaded the area, preventing Feero from bringing the droids back.

map shifting prioriteis
Map – Shifting Priorities

You must obtain 8 droids from the contaminated area.


[HEROIC 2+] Target of Opportunity

SIS Agent Protarius has asked for you help in tracking down and eliminating the merciless Sith Lord Dakron who has recently landed on Balmorra. 

In order to locate him, you’ll need to slice into the Imperial personnel database inside Imperial headquarters in Sobrik. 

map target of oppurtunity
Map – Target of Opportunity
swtor 08-03-2020 8-00-36 AM-912
Entrance of Imperial Headquarters in Sobrik


[HEROIC 2+] The Mandalorian Terror

A group of Mandalorian mercenaries hired by the Empire has been killing Balmorran villagers and capturing others to sell as slaves. 

Alya Selray, a Republic ambassador, has asked you to fight your way into the Mandalorian camp to free the villagers and end the threat once and for all. Head to Monta Drai’s camp and free the Balmorran villagers. 

swtor 09-03-2020 8-01-11 AM-994
The Mandalorian Camp in Balmorra

map mandalorian camp

[HEROIC 2+] Industrial Sabotage

Captain Nic’ala has asked you to assist in a do-or-die plan to destroy a squadron of Imperial bombers being constructed at the Balmorran Arms Factory. His squad’s tech, Derrick Reed, has provided you with overload modules that will render the bombers inoperable – all you need to do is get close enough to the plant them. 

Plant the overload module on the bombers at the Balmorran Arms Factory shipyard.

map industrial sabotage
Map – Industrial Sabotage


[HEROIC 2+] Acquired Taste

The mercenary Larindaz has asked you to collect Colicoid meat for his dinner-err, complete his failed mission to get a resistance base infested with Colicoids back up running. Since you’ll be killing the Colicoids anyway, maybe you wouldn’t mind bringing their meat back for him? 

To help get the base up and running, turn on the power generator near the entrance to the infested resistance bunker in the Sundari Flatlands. 

sundari flats
Map – Sundari Flatlands
swtor 09-03-2020 9-06-19 AM-676
Resistance Base



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