Arriving in ORD MANTELL

Wow, this screenshot must be one of the oldest screenshot that I have when I started playing STAR WARS THE OLD REPUBLIC.

So yeah, one of my favorite characters in this game is the REPUBLIC TROOPER. I really love how the storyline of the REPUBLIC TROOPER progress.

Not that I’m running out of things to do right now, but I’m telling you staying at home for the last 5 days I just could not realize how difficult it is.

Yes, the NCOV-19 is the reason why I’m staying at home for the last 5 days, The Philippine Government declared a whole month Enhanced Community Quarantine, in short, its a total lockdown.

No one is allowed to go out, unless it’s needed like buying some food and necessary stuff or if you are part of any front line group serving the nation. I salute those guys.

Alright, since my REPUBLIC TROOPER already hit the max level [60] and I’ve completed her storyline prior to the announcement of the lockdown and since I’m running a WEEKLY HEROIC MISSIONS to earn some credits I’ve decided to revisit the starting planet for REPUBLIC TROOPER.


REPUBLIC TROOPER both VANGUARD and COMMANDO starts in ORD MANTELL. The planet is torn between battles of the SEPARATIST and the REPUBLIC.

swtor 21-03-2020 12-46-44 AM-734
I actually do not know the Smuggler standing next to me but he looks cool and so as his companion so I decided to take a screenshot of us.

Check out more about ORD MANTELL’s origin from here 

There are 3 available HEROIC MISSIONS in ORD MANTELL and for starters, I suggest that you take them right after completing your toons storyline, or by the time that you acquired your companion.


The good thing about these 3 HEROIC MISSIONS is that they are all located in the same place, therefor you can complete all 3 at the same time.

I think that’s the way of the game introducing the HEROIC MISSIONS for new players.

swtor 21-03-2020 12-47-00 AM-53


Posted By Ord Mantell Central Authority: 

A tribe of Matellian savrips have been attacking patrols from the island near Oradam Village. Negotiations with the bestial creatures are not possible. 

Ord Mantell Central Authority is offering a bounty on the leaders of savrip tribes. Thank you for your assistance. 

You actually need to kill 5 Savrip Chieftains to complete the mission.

kill map


Gizmel Gam, a civilian working for the ORD MANTELL government, is trying to win a wayward village back from the separatist by offering them shipments of supplies. Unfortunately, those supplies went down with a crashed cargo ship on Savrip Island. 

Gizmel asked you to recover the lost supplies and return them to him. He suggested you start your research by looking for the shipment’s droid escort, DK-9. Go to Savrip Island and look for the shipment and its droid escort.

Depending on your decision, completing this mission can earn you either a light side or dark side points.

buying loyalty map


Sergeant Travi Pott has asked you to destroy the separatist jamming beacons on Savrip Island that have downed countless Republic supply ships. She promises credits and additional supplies if you can come through. 

Locate and destroy all the separatist jamming beacons on Savrip Island.

To complete the mission you have to destroy 4 jamming beacons, they are all located in the island.

beacon map

There you have it happy hunting,

swtor 21-03-2020 12-30-39 AM-244


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