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Knights of the Fallen Empire

A whole new set of crew,


After a daring escape from Vaylin her army of knights and Sky Trooper the Outlander [Commando] and her new crew landed in the Endless swamp,

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Crashlanding in the Endless swamp HK-55 sensors indicates a large metalic object, the Outlander [Commando] and her new crew investigate the site.

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The crew discovers what seems to be a large ship, however, there is no record as to how the ship ended in the Endless Swamp.

HK-55 learns that the ship is not from Zakuul, while Koth is surpise that the Outlander [Commando] found a long lost ship – The Gravestone.

As legend foretold the Gravestone is a ship that can outmatch the forces of the Eternal Fleet.

With its current condition, the crew works together in gathering the needed materials for the ship.

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The Outlander [Commando] assisted Lana in locating a fresh water that the crew can use.

At the same time Lana and the Outlander [Commando] started looking for parts for the ship while HK-55 covers the patrol.

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While looking for parts, Lana keeps the Outlander [Commando] updated with all the things she missed during her 5 years in frozen carbonite.


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The Outlander [Commando] informs Lana that the Darth Marr knows that the Eternal Emperor is the Sith Emperor that they were looking for.

Lana explains that she felt a surge in the force when Darth Marr was struck down by the Eternal Emperor.

Lana tells the Outlander [Commando] that both the Republic and Sith Empire manages to hold for 3 months before facing a total defeat from the Eternal Fleet of Arcanns forces.

At the same time, the Outlander [Commando] reveals to Lana that the Eternal Emperor Valkorion possibly lives in her.

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After reporting back to Koth about what she and Lana have found, the Outlander [Commando] assisted Koth in looking for more parts needed for the ship.

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Koth a former member of the Zakuul forces tells the Outlander [Commando] as to what he thinks.

Koth believes that everything that is happening is predestined.

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Koth tells the Outlander [Commando] about his history, how and why he decided to join Lana.

At this point, Koth shares his insights as to how his people were saved but the Outlander [Commando]

Koth values life more especially the life of his people. He does not take things lightly if there’s an innocent life that is at stake. It’s a good thing my Commando chooses to save the life of the people back at the power generator.

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After saving exiles, the crew has started working on making the ship operational again.

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Just right after Koth made the ship working again, the Outlander [Commando] felt something different.

It led her to the lower part of the ship.

swtor 01-04-2020 2-20-47 AM-349

Once again the Eternal Emperor Valkorion showed himself to the Outlander [Commando]

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