Mage Guide Part 11

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In order to Job Change from Novice to Mage

The following requirements are necessary

Your Base Level should be at Level 10

Your Job Level should be at Level 10

Proceed to Adventure Hall and speak to Higgy Eez, from here you can choose to several Job from the Job Mentors.

Durta is the Job Mentor for Mage, speak to Durta for Mage job change and  complete the Test and Trials.

Main Story Quest:

  • Breath-taking Flower Sea
  • Bill Left Behind
  • Go to Prontera
  • Crazy Fantasy Land
  • A Huge Joke
  • Find Scholar
  • Join the Guard Team
  • Frenzy
  • Izlude
  • About Sunken Ship
  • Flood of Skeletons


Midgard Continent

The adventurer, who had never been to the Rune Kingdom, met with their childhood friend Cenia at Prontera South Gate.

In the vast and mysterious land of Midgard, they will embark on a legendary adventure.

In order to qualify for formal adventure, the adventurer who first entered the Rune Kingdom accepted the test of the Eden in the South Gate together with his novice partner Cenia.

The Eden Team’s exam consisted of four parts. The adventurer felt his growth through the tests and trials. After the rigorous exams, both the adventurer and Cenia were successfully recognized and went together to Prontera, the venture sanctuary.

In Prontera, adventurers communicate with a wide variety of people, collect knowledge and intelligence, and gain a deeper understanding of the world.

Later, the significantly improved adventurer join the Prontera Sewer Guard with Cenia and encountered the beautiful Obeaune mother and son in the sewer.

Human’s unintentional savage act brought the Obeaune suffering and pain. The just adventurer and Cenia stepped forward bravely to treat the Obeaune’s wound.

In the end, the adventurer escorted the little Obeaune Lusya back to his ocean home.

Then the adventurer came to the West Gate and learned from scholar Sphens about the most powerful force in the mainland – the Yimir Heart.

Not long ago, the adventurer traveled to Prontera’s satellite city Izlude by the sea.

In Izlude, the adventurer got acquainted with the youth Pound who dreamed to become a mage.

The adventurer helped him get in the magic academy, the first step to achieving his dream.

After the adventurer accepted the city of Izlude’s request to explore the mysterious Underwater Cave and the terrifying Sunken Ship.

During the exploration, the adventurer  learned that the monster riot was related to the Yimir Heart’s crystal dust.

Following the lead, the adventurer discovered that the fake angel Baphomet was behind this crisis.

With the little Obeaune Lusya’s help, the adventurer fixed the underwater seal and saved the ocean.

In the mean time, the wicked Baphomet came back to life fully and devised a huge conspiracy…


rewards 1
Rewards for completing the Main Quest Story
Novice Gift
Gift Box: Novice’s Gift
Wisdom Bliss
Gift Box: Wisdom’s Bliss
Obeaune Blessing
Gift Box: Obeaune Blessing
Introduction Completed Puzzle
Completed Puzzle

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