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Toy Photography: 30MM 09 Alto Dark Gray

30MM 1/144 09 Alto Dark Gray

Building my first #Gunpla

Games Photography SWTOR Toy Photography Trooper Class

Toy Photography: Star Wars Storm Trooper Black Series & Star Wars Rogue One Black Series Imperial Death Trooper Action Figure

swtor 30-05-2020 11-08-53 AM-924
File Photo – Star Wars The Old Republic Trooper Vanguard Class

With this lock down in place, one of the things that I miss is going on events such as Toycon, ComicCon and recently the BatCon.


News: J&T Express Delivery

Do you shop online?

How J&T Express deliver your packages! MUST WATCH!

credits to the owner of the video: Dethrone Records

Games World Of Warships

World Of Warships:Co-op Battle | Battleship Kawachi

world of warships banner image 1
World Of Warships | Photo Credits: Wargaming


Eat & Drink News Philippines

Jollibee: Beeda ang Safety at Saya

File Photo: Last time I was out eating and enjoying my favorite Jollibee meals

When was the last time you went out to eat with your friends? or with your family?

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Toy Photography: Boa Hancock 07 Jeans Freak


Boa 01
Boa Hancock 01

One Piece is one of the manga / anime that I really enjoy watching going back from my high school days,

Photography SWTOR Toy Photography

Toy Photography: Second attempt

Day 2 of having no internet connection and surviving from the data plan that Smart has, hopefully before I max the data cap my ISP is done fixing whatever repairs needed so I can still be online.

Photography SWTOR Toy Photography

Toy Photography: First attempt

I lost my internet connection yesterday and it looks like its going to take more than 3 days for the service technician to fix it, much as I wanted to be prioritize since my source of income is affected I have no option but to wait for now.

SWTOR Trooper Class


swtor 07-06-2020 3-54-18 AM-121

So I started a new toon in SWTOR, I know I have not posted anything SWTOR related for a while, you might have notice that I got hook again in playing Ragnarok Eternal Love using MuMu App player emulator in my laptop.


News: House bill wants six years of jail time for canceling food delivery orders

For the past 3 months I kept my silence as I saw several bloggers/ Vloggers [Vlog] and social media pranks victimizing the people working for food delivery service.

prank 1

I mean whats wrong with us people, we are facing a pandemic, instead of helping there are those who play prank to people who sacrifice their safety working in this time of crisis.