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Toy Photography: 30MM 09 Alto Dark Gray

30MM 1/144 09 Alto Dark Gray

Building my first #Gunpla

I’ve been watching a lot of video tutorial in Youtube about Gunpla, learning everything I need to know before I invest in this new hobby.

Until recently during the Lazada 6.6 Bounce Back sale I took a chance and purchased my first #Gunpla.

Not to overwhelm my self in terms of building it, I decided that my first #Gunpla will be the 30MM 1/144 09 Alto Dark Gray. There are other varieties of the Alto, but for now I’ve chosen the Alto Dark Gray as my first #Gunpla.

Alright, I haven’t finish reading EL James 50 Shades of Gray and the quarantine just gave me a good chance to catch up with my reading. That’s probably one of the reason.

Gundam Modeler Kit

Since its a new hobby and building a #Gunpla is not something to be taken lightly specially if you want to build it right, so the right tools are needed. I’ve got myself a modeler kit as well to help me remove the parts from the runners easily w/o damaging it.

Unboxing 30MM 1/144 09 Alto Dark Gray 

I just cant explain my feelings when I was doing the unboxing of my first #Gunpla, After seeing the parts attached from the runners, I’ve asked my self if I’ll be able to do it, had a second thoughts for a moment back then, but I really want to build one and accomplish something about it so I went on and started reading the instructions included in the box.

I’ve check each runners, ok, I have 3 runners in total. A, B, C now time to build each part. based from the videos that I’ve seen its best to do it part by part. After all each runners contain a number corresponding to the parts that you have to build.

I feel like I was a kid all over again, while I was following the instructions per part I was already thinking of an idea for the photo-shoot later.

Left Arm Unit 

I started with building the Left Arm Unit, as you can see I even line them up just like in the instructions, I’m making sure I do not miss any small part.

After completing both the Left & Right Arm Unit, I felt a rush, my first #Gunpla is finally taking a form. I felt a porting of accomplishment as I was able to put the pieces together and built its Left & Right Arm Unit.  I was talking to my self and told my self, this is easy.

Waist, Left & Right Leg Unit.

Head and Body Unit.

Then I started putting the pieces together, I can already visualize what it would look like, I mean I keep on checking the box making sure it looks exactly the same.

30MM 1/144 09 Alto Dark Gray with Weapons and Royroy

Putting the part units together was exciting, now I understand the feeling of those #Gunpla builders.

Time for some photo-shoot,

30MM 1/144 09 Alto Dark Gray [image 01]
30MM 1/144 09 Alto Dark Gray [image 02]
30MM 1/144 09 Alto Dark Gray [image 03]
GunPla 30MM 09 Alto Dark Gray 01
30MM 1/144 09 Alto Dark Gray [image 04]
GunPla 30MM 09 Alto Dark Gray 02
30MM 1/144 09 Alto Dark Gray [image 05]
GunPla 30MM 09 Alto Dark Gray 03
30MM 1/144 09 Alto Dark Gray [image 06]
GunPla 30MM 09 Alto Dark Gray 04
30MM 1/144 09 Alto Dark Gray [image 07]
GunPla 30MM 09 Alto Dark Gray 05
30MM 1/144 09 Alto Dark Gray [image 08]

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