Blog: Not my cup of tea

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“Not my cup of tea”

I’ve recently started streaming games via Facebook Gaming using the page that I created,

By the way you can visit my page from the link below,

I’m very particular with the type of games that I play, since I do not play everyday and can only play during my free time.

Recently I received a feedback from a common friend in Facebook about the games that I’m streaming. To protect his privacy I will not mention his name nor post a screenshot of the message.

So according to him, the games that I stream are “garbage”. He was trying to get me into playing League of Legends Wild Rift.

I have to be honest that I have not play this game before or its PC version, though I’ve tried something similar last year which I also posted here in my blog. I’ve tried playing Mobile Legends.

It was fun at first, but I no longer play the game anymore as its not really the kind of game I’m into.

As I was explaining my self to him, about the type of games that I like he called me “Lame”.

I stop reading his messages and I felt offended that I decided to put him in my snooze list.

I believe that everyone is unique, we have our own set of interest or things that captures our interest.

To call someone garbage or lame just because they do not agree with you or does not share your interest is totally unacceptable.

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