swtor 01-08-2020 10-41-44 PM-455

Finally my Starship – the Millennium Falcon

The continuation of the Smuggler – Gunslinger Class Story.

swtor 01-08-2020 10-42-00 PM-541

I’d like to go back and continue my Twitch.tv career, lols, as if I have one.

But due to drop frame and network issues, I’m unable to do live streaming.

Thanks to Action! Gameplay Recording and Streaming,

Action Game Play Recording & Streaming

I was able to record the game and upload the edited version of it in my Youtube Channel.

My Channel currently has 2 subscribers, so thank you folks.

Don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to get updates about this channel.

Thank you in advance for your donation

Hi, Thank you for visiting my site, your donation will be use in helping me maintain this site.



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