Travel: 2016 Hot Air Balloon Festival

A Week of everything that flies!

My first solo travel to Pampanga was to enjoy and experience The Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival. The festival runs from February 11-14 2016, I went there during the last day of the festival.

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In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

I’d like to quote Duke Kahanamoku an athlete and known for popularizing the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing.

“Just take your time – Wave comes. Let the other guys go, catch another one”   


In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant 

A Panorama Shot of a fish port in Baler Aurora Quezon Philippines.

You can read more about my travel by clicking the link here: Baler more than just surfing.




In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

Life is like a beach with strong winds, dark clouds and big waves. If you let it over power you then you will definitely drown, always look on the bright side, get a surfing board and ride thru that waves and feel the strong wind as it flows through your hair and let it all go.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Boundaries

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”

Natural Boundaries form by separation of water and land or other natural elements like Taal Lake form by volcanic eruption and now one of the tourist destination in Luzon, Philippines.

Taal Lake, April 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge – Change

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”

First time to participate, Here’s my take in this Weeks Photo Challenge – Change.

The weather here in the Philippines constantly changing faster than anyone would notice, from a bright sunny morning to a cloudy afternoon, and as the season change so do we.

White Beach, Puerto Galera June 2015