Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

In response to this weeks Photo Challenge Landscape. 

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In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

I’d like to quote Duke Kahanamoku an athlete and known for popularizing the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing.

“Just take your time – Wave comes. Let the other guys go, catch another one”   


In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant 

A Panorama Shot of a fish port in Baler Aurora Quezon Philippines.

You can read more about my travel by clicking the link here: Baler more than just surfing.




In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

Life is like a beach with strong winds, dark clouds and big waves. If you let it over power you then you will definitely drown, always look on the bright side, get a surfing board and ride thru that waves and feel the strong wind as it flows through your hair and let it all go.

Baler: More than just Surfing

“Baler in November” – shot using Iphone 5c – Photoshop Express

One of my goals when this blog started was to travel solo, and I’m happy to announce that I had finally fulfilled that goal.

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